Thursday, August 14, 2008

150mw Laser Pointer Usability and Function

When most people think of laser pointers, they imagine those small, pen sized instruments that speakers use during a lecture or slide show presentation. Although this is generally the primary function of a majority of laser pointers, there are a collection of green laser pointers that are superb in their ability and can be used for much more than just pointing at objects during lectures. These green laser pointers can be used for astronomical purposes and outdoor activities as well. Read the following customer testimonial to learn about the 150mw laser pointer device.

My job requires me to conduct presentations in front of large groups of people, so I have gone through a fair share of laser pointing devices. When my previous pointer gave out on me, I obtained a green laser pointer as a gift from a staff member. Although most green lasers aren’t good for conducting presentations, they are useful when stargazing or playing with a night. To my surprise, I fell in love with my Elite 150mw laser pointer, and I use it nearly every day. The 150mw laser pointer has a green laser beam that is bright, powerful and can be seen vividly over a mile away at night. I have used this laser beam to light matches, melt frozen material and also pop balloons. The Elite 150mw laser pointer is comprised of the latest in laser crystal and optical technology, which places it in a category superior to other green laser pointers on the market. I currently have a background in engineering so I would definitely know rather an item is perfectly engineered or designed to perfection. In all honesty, I believe that the Elite 150mw laser pointer is the most valuable and hard-wearing laser pointer that is available. The 150mw laser pointer is constructed from a steel, black chrome type finish which makes it easy to grip in the palm. Since it has the size of a pen, and a sleek, smooth design, it is very light to carry around. I would highly recommend the 150mw laser pointer to any laser pointer enthusiast or stargazer around.


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