Thursday, August 14, 2008

World Of Lasers and Other Gadgets

Hello Internet World!

My name is Richard West and I have a fascination with collecting cool objects, like the 150mw laser pointer and other weird technical gadgets. I created this blog to communicate some of my abnormal interests and also introduce to the world my collection of small gadgets and devices. I have a love for green laser pointers because they look similar to the Star War's Light Saber and I am a huge fan of the entire movie series.

This blog was created based on that inspiration, and I will do my best to continue giving you outstanding information and resources for all of you tech saavy and Sci-Fi enthusiasts. Below, I have included a few sites that offer good information about the 150mw laser pointer:

150mw Laser Pointer Review - This page gives an outstanding product review of this laser pointer and why it is good to have!

The Best 150mw Laser Pointer - I love this page because it explains some of the uses and specifications of this laser pointer and offers outstanding information on other objects you can use with your green laser pointer!

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